Unlocking the possibilities of C#

Cysharp strives to unlock the possibilities of the C# language.
Working together with Cygames to push the limits of performance of both server-side and client-side C# through Unity, we are dedicated to fostering knowledge and growth in the game industry.

Open Source Libraries

Cysharp is committed to open source. We employ the latest libraries to squeeze every ounce of efficiency from applications such as .NET Core and Unity to create games that demand high performance.

Unified Realtime/API Engine for .NET Core and Unity.


Provides an efficient async/await integration to Unity.


Cloud Native Batch Framework for C# to building CLI tools/Daemon/Batch.


Embedded Typed ReadonlyIn-Memory Document Database for .NET Core and Unity.

Corporate Profile

Official Name: Cysharp, Inc.
Founded: September 19, 2018
Representative Director: Yoshifumi Kawai
Board Members: Koichi Watanabe
Eitoshi Ashihara
Aisaku Chikaishi
Office: Sumitomo-Fudousan Shibuya Garden Tower 15F, 16-17 Nanpeidai-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0036
Capital: JPY 5,000,000
Industries: Game planning, development, and consulting